6th July 2012

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Day 2 in Copenhagen included the following:

1) Redbull for breakfast

2) The Arken, also called the “Modern Museum” but is actually a contemporary museum. The best curated contemporary museum I have ever seen…you have to take a train and then a bus to get there, but it is worth it.

3) best Thai food I ever had at Poonchai

4) Kødbyen, which was a large meat packing district, but now also has galleries, clubs, and restaurants, in addition to butcheries.

5) Walked down the sketchy “Red Light District” of Copenhagen for a block before I got tired of being ogled…very different from Amsterdam.

6) Saw a Steve McCurry retrospective

7) Walked around Tivoli and just ate licorice - Copenhagen, I am severely disappointed with your roller coasters!

8) Saw The Amazing Spiderman at Palads København and enjoyed it. I love both versions.

Mostly  food in this post…more art in the next one…

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